The Alizetics Health Maintenance and Body beautifier gymnastics for women was founded, and registered as a patent at the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office by Alíz Szepesi, European kickboxing Champion (1 dan black belt master) in 1994.

The aim of the Alizetics gymnastics is to form harmonic and beautiful female body shapes within the boundaries of Mother Nature. The exercises do not place a burden on the breathing, the circulation and the joints so anyone can start them regardless of age. The Alizetics consists of 7 programs, with which we can achieve spectacular results.

The Alizetics gymnastics is recommended regardless of age, and its beneficial effects can be recognized early. Certain types of sports move only one or two muscle groups actively. These muscle groups become stronger and many times they make the body look disproportionate.

Furthermore, too hard exercises not only burden the organs of movement, the muscles, the bones, the joints but also the circulation and the respiratory system. The Alizetics exercises activate the whole musculoskeletal system. The strengthening, stretching and relaxing exercises are compiled in a way to cause as little burden to the body as possible, but at the same time to make the muscle tissue thicker, and so replace the unnecessary fat tissue.

As a result, the muscle strength grows, the capacity increases, the body shape becomes proportionate. The end result is: a flexible, slim body with harmonic motions.

The special exercises move even those tiny muscles, on which others don't place importance, but which play important roles in the posture and the body shape formation.

The programs are only effective if the exercises are done in the order set, by keeping to the times, and by doing them in the correct number of series and repeats. This way you will get to know your muscles, and you will be able to focus on moving them in the right way, so while moving our bodies our willpower will grow, we increase our ability to focus, and the stretching-relaxing exercises release our daily stress.

The Alizetics gymnastics helps those who are on a diet to decrease the fat, and to create a proportionate body shape. We can't lose weight permanently only by cutting down on the food calorie intake. An optimal possibility should be given for the depot fat to be activated.

The Alizetics gymnastics, which should be done every day, but minimum three days a week, adapting to the individual's ability, helps in this. The program highlights the importance of warming-up, because exercising can't be intense or fruitful without it.