Dear Friend!

I'll show you a revolutionary new view on fitness. Get to know me, my sports past, hobby, my patent, the life feelings and the mentality that I represent.

Born and raised in Debrecen, I already learnt in my childhood that "life is not all cream". The paths of our lives are enwreathed by the wheels of our fate, through which we can experience life feelings that are worth to share with others.

As a European Champion in 1987, one of the greatest life feelings started to grow in my life when I heard my nation's anthem from the top of the podium in Hamburg. This motivated me in my sports career and to set the goal of sharing the love for sport and its joyful feeling to everyone interested.

The success of my professional book titled "Alizetics Beautiful Body Shape Intelligently" started the Alizetics body beautifier and health maintenance gymnastics, which by today broadened into a franchise network as a Hungarian patent.

With the foundation of the fitness school, and within the Kvalitárs Cultural Association, I have trained many coaches, about 300 instructors in the Fitness Academy to the wonderful programs of Alizetics gymnastics.

The birth my daughter Anahita (her mother's faith) gave me the power of a mother's joys.

During the battles of my life, to which the meaning of my name Alíz (meaning: fighter) also refers, I fought battles with many people. But by trusting in God's great power and with the consciousness of my faith, I could always continue my creating activities.

Now, in 2020, I realize my future plans together with my spouse, Attila Bencze, who is the chair of our association and marketing director of the Fitness Academy.

My motto is: If we follow the rainbow bridge of faith, we will reach the shore.

Come, join me on this bridge and the energy of this joyful life feeling will fill your heart and soul.